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January 2015
Happy New Year, Bawdy Nation! After a fun yet difficult 2014 we are finally putting things back in order.

We have received so many wonderful comments on The trouble has been taking the time to post them here! It seems there are so many question to answer as well. We will be taking the time today to make sure that happens.

First of all, the problem with our STORE….
This was an ongoing project that was riddled with problems and, at the time of this post, we are shutting it down until we find a better option. Our store’s host, Revebnation, has decided to discontinue its merchandise management service. We are sad to see it go, but now we must find a better option. As soon as we have one, we will let you know!

Next, we would like to send a HUGE thank you to the response we received to the Call For Musicians! We are always looking for folks to come and play in the various cities when we want/need more bodies on stage. If you haven’t heard a reply from your post, do not be discouraged as we have been a bit overloaded and haven’t gotten back to reply. But rest assured. We have your info and we will not be shy about using it!

Finally, we have received so many requests to come to your towns and play. We want you to know how BADLY we would like to come and play for you. Our only challenge is making sure we have enough show to play to make the trip make sense. So, get us out there and load us up with bars/pubs/festivals/bar mitzvahs/commencement addresses/funerals. If you think we’d fit, let’s make it happen. All we need is a foot in the door and we will open it the rest of the way. And stumble inside.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for updates and show dates. Love to you all.

The Bawdy Boys


November 24th 2012
Winding down…

We have pulled back into port in St. Petersburg, FL. We already miss everyone back in Detroit and look forward to seeing everyone again soon. We’ve met and played with some great new friends. We will be spreading the word about them under the NEW FRIENDS link at the top of the page. So check them out and show your support. The success of any musician or entertainer is dependent solely on the actions of their fans. And we have the best fans any performer can ask for. We hope to share many projects with these friends in the future. But for now, back to business…
We are currently kicking up dates for the 2013 tour. We will be back at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa. That is always an exciting festival for us. So many of the Bawdy Nation come to hang out and drink with us there. We have a few other irons heating up in the fire but we are going to need your help. 2013 marks the beginning of the climb to 10 years spreading bawdy joy the world over. With our 5 year chip secured in our hands, we are hungry for more shows and new exciting venues! So get the word out there. Tell your favorite watering hole that YOU WANT THE BAWDY!
There have been rumors spread (mostly by us) that a new album or two are in the works. This is true. We don’t have much information available right now but keep checking back here for more information.


October 18th, 2012
We know it has been a while…

Finding internet on the road is trickier that one might think. Alas, the 2012 Michigan Renaissance Festival has come and gone. It was a strange season as the festival saw higher attendance than in recorded history. We met up with our wonderful friends and fans that we unfortunately only see a very few times. Many of the new songs were openly enjoyed. However, mortality showed its dreaded face as we lost two of our festival entertainment family. It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to Owain Phyfe and Monet Mussentouchit. Owain inspired and touched every performer that dreamed of playing at that festival. He has always been considered a renaissance treasure to all of us. We miss him greatly.
Monet was not only an amazing musician, but a good friend. We are still in shock of her passing due to how sudden and unexpected it was. JW remembers his talk with Monet backstage of the Guinness Pub about the many uses of a cat’s tail that has recently fallen off. No one could mesmerize an audience using a harp quite like Monet. Our hearts are heavy with grief but we know she is enjoying her jam session with Garcia and Hendricks.

So, raise up yer glasses as we toast those we love and those we will wait long to see again.

The Bawdy Boys

February 4th, 2012
2012 Black Panel Van Tour starts in Tampa Bay, Florida.

FINALLY! The Bawdy Boys have returned to Tampa Bay Florida! And we’re starting it out right this year by making surprise stops alongs the way. Most bands like to keep a strict schedule of shows and then hide away between them to rest or drink in private. Not Us. We’ll be popping in to various pubs and street corners while we’re here in Florida to spread the message of Guinness and Cheer.

Now, the 2012 Bay Area Renaissance Festival is quickly upon us and we’re going to have some exciting new additions to the show this year. At the end of 2011, we put together a new Renaissance Smoker show at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. After making a few tweaks, we are now bringing that show to you, Tampa! We’ve got more new songs, new toasts and 2 new(ish) albums coming straight to you. So, dust of your livers and lets get some drinkin done!


January 20th, 2012
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Bawdy Nation. To start this year off right, we are updating our 2012 Tour dates all month! Already we will be making an appearance at Crowley’s Irish Pub in downtown St. Petersburg, FL on Feb. 17th for St. Practice Day. Next, we start our high-energy run at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. You know we’ll be in Florida for St. Patrick’s Day again this year. Stay tuned here for more details. Finally, we can release the big news…


Yep. No stopping us. We will be returning to Dearborn for another exciting weekend at the World Steam Expo, along side friends like Abney Park and Danny Ryan!

Also, we have TWO NEW ALBUMS just about ready for release. That’s right. TWO NEW ALBUMS. Sex, Drunks, and Folk Music and The Dirty Album have received aface-lift and we have created the finest albums we’ve yet to release. Bring your old copies to the next show and we may just have a special deal just for you.

There is so much more exciting stuff on the way but we just can’t say what it is yet. Jeremiah has wet himself and Doc has passed out on a bed of empty bottles due to the sheer level of excitement we have for this coming year. So keep coming back HERE at the all new for your first hand info.


November 16th, 2011
As I’m sure may of you know by now, James Hooke has left The Bawdy Boys. James has moved on to pursue a solo musical career apart from the us. The four years he spent with us were special because they were our growing years. These were the years we met so many of our amazing fans and fellow musicians. James left a certain impact on all of them. We’re sure he will be missed.


Currently, The Bawdy Boys are searching for a fiddle player to join up and hit the road for some more fun, debauchery, and to see and meet all of you, the Bawdy Nation. It may take some time but we will be on the road again soon, bringing you the same great music and drinking of which your ears and liver have grown accustom. So keep checking back here for future show dates in your area as we continue to grow this site.

We’ll see you at the Pub!

The Bawdy Boys

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