The CRAIC Show

One day a few musicians, who had fallen on some very hard times due to the wars that had been ravaging their homeland, happened upon …

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Kristen Lynn Music

Kristen Lynn is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA with a Americana-Jazz-Folk feel. ┬áHer┬ádebut album, “LaLa” will be released this Dec. 14th, 2012!!! …

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Calling for All Musicians

Wanna be in a band that drinks…for free…a lot? Do your friends consider you funny…whether you are or not? Do you own and play the …

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With Our Friends

We’ve met so many great folks on the road. Here are a few shots of some of the slobs we’ve met up with along the …

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About the Band Brothers in Piratical Arms; The Story of the Bawdy Boys Born and bred on the salty streets of Detroit, Michigan, The Bawdy …

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