About the Band

Brothers in Piratical Arms; The Story of the Bawdy Boys
Born and bred on the salty streets of Detroit, Michigan, The Bawdy Boys strive to bring a new generation into the rich heritage and culture of Irish Americans through bawdy versions of traditional favorites, toasts and bits of history and every sea shanty, rebel tune and drinking song they can put their instruments and voices to. Not afraid to break out of what is considered the normal mold of Irish Folk music, the Boys always bring their crowds into the lush world of Pirates, North American Irish immigrants and Celtic history with a unique blend of world musical influences and interactive, up-beat story telling. They invite you to join them for a pint and a song at a port of call near you.


JW Morgan – Boatswain; Vocals, Hamonica, Jembe
Like the other members of The Bawdy Boys, little is known of JW’s past. HIs father set sail after JW’s birth, leaving his mother to fend for herself. Weened on Jameson and Guinness, JW’s appetite for libations caused his accidental enlistment to the British Navy as a privateer on the HMS Gale. After years of shipping supplies across the vast waters, mutiny broke out and HMS Gale landed hard on the Canadian coast. The new captain ordered a new fleet be commissioned and the crew set sail on the Detroit River, raising hell and pirating goods from both sides of the river. JW’s brothers, Jeremiah and Jamison found their way to the crew, were given their own ships. The rest has yet to be written.

Jeremiah Blood – Quatermaster; Vocals, Guitar, Bodhran
Coming soon!

Doc Jamison – Master Gunner/Surgeon/Cook; Vocals, Banjo, Guitar

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