Calling for All Musicians

Wanna be in a band that drinks…for free…a lot? Do your friends consider you funny…whether you are or not? Do you own and play the fiddle, bagpipes, Tin Whistle, Accordion or Mandolin? Well, The Bawdy Boys have a spot for you on stage. If you’d like a chance to join and play with The Bawdy Boys as the new player, contact us at:
Subject: Bawdy Boys Musician

We’d love it if you could include a sample of your abilities, whether video or mp3. Include audio or a link to your video.



  1. Susan McCretton Downes says:

    Back up Vocals, a wee bit of harmonica, wee bit of keyboard….

  2. Hey, that’s the only website I have for the music, but I’ll send you an mp3 a cappella if you need it, or sing to you over the phone. I play (bodhran, Irish whistle) and sing in sessions twice weekly at TP Hoolihan’s in Fort Myers. Had no idea you guys were so close! Love sea shanties (know quite a number of em, big Hughill fan), and have been a liveaboard; came to Fort Myers on our catamaran and she’s at the dock, needing a haulout as I write this (!). You guys may be sons of sea cooks and avoid kissing the gunner’s daughter, but I *am* a sea cook (and a gunner’s daughter 🙂 Also just finished my OUPV and 100T Master’s, got the TWIC and the CPR/First Aid done and still have the medical to go through, next week (So, um, is it Captain Barbary Anne, or does the Master’s endorsement make it “Mistress” Barbary Anne?!). The Yola site has a set list that I did for a couple of years with various Wayward Wenches; mostly bawdy as it was a pub act for a Ren faire. I’ve been focusing a lot on Irish trad lately because of the sessions, but I love shanties. Chest voice is baritone to tenor; head voice, while not used in this type of music, is soprano. I was also trained in piano, aka the 264-string Irish harp, and did keyboards/vocals with a soul band long ago. Happy to back you guys up with vocals or explaining what “heave a pawl” means, heck, I’d even dress like a guy for a chance to sing shanties with fellow enthusiasts, should that be artistically required. The long hair would fit right in…! 719-930-9684 cell ph.

  3. Brian Victor Ciupka says:

    I painted your logo on Phils bald head a couple times , I play guitar , bass , toy piano , and sing like Tim Buckley ( I’ve been told )

  4. Brian Victor Ciupka says:

    I’ve been playing for over 30 years , I don’t have anything to send in my computer but I’d like to sit in at MRF when time permits . I have recorded with someone who distributed cassettes in Europe ( that’s right cassettes )

  5. Peter says:

    I play mandolin , bagpipes and bohran. If you play Canada I would be interested tell what you need from me

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